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Ingredients Amla Candy 400 gms

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  • Key Points :-

    1)Enjoy your favorite fruit for a longer period of time without worrying about spoiling.
    2)There is no wastage as the whole product gets consumed.
    3)Retains the original vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes of food. Provides quick filling and more energy as the nutrition of food is retained better than any other form of food preservation.
    4)We do not add any artificial color, flavour, sulphur or preservatives in our products.
    5)We give you healthy, non-messy snacks ready to grab – n – go, making them extremely easy to take anywhere – in the car, on a plane, while backpacking or on a camping trip, etc.
    6)Our dehydrated products can be consumed within 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
    7)Dehydrating them to enjoy anytime is a great way to maintain variety while eating healthy throughout the year.
    8)You eat better, live better and increase your levels of preparedness and food preservation in a whole new way.

  • Additional Information

    Health Benefits :-
    Good for Skin,Eyes, Heart, Bones, Hair, Boosts Immunity, Improve Digestion, Prevents ageing and Increases Metabolic activity

    NUTRITIONAL FACT TABLE (Nutritional Value *per 100g)
    Energy (K cal) - 334.64
    Carbohydrates (g) -89.40
    Sugar (g) - 57.53
    Proteins (g) -1.40
    Total Fat (g) - 0.00
    Trans fat (gm) - 0.00
    MUFA (gm) - 0.00
    PUFA (gm) - 0.00
    Saturated fat (gm) - 0.00
    Iron (mg) - 4.50
    Vit A (mg) - 2.80
    Vit.C (mg)- 55.80
    Cholestrol (mg) - 0.00 
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